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Signature Cocktails

Aperitivo della casa

Martini Rubino, pink grapefruit sherbet, lemon, Cynar, Angostura, Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water

Rimedio Dominicano

Mamajuana, cardamom infused vermut, chamomille, Montenegro

Not a Mon Cherie

Bulleit Bourbon, Quaglia Cherry liquor, Zucca Rhuburb liquor, Fernet Branca

Vizio del Conte

Rosemery infused gin, cardamom infused vermut, Campari Bitter

Clèment N°5

Clément Premier Canne Agricole rhum, ginger, lime, St. Germaine Elderflower liquor

Tonico Curatutto

Martini Rubino, Tanqueray gin, yuzu citrus juice, cloves bitter

5 PM

Bobby’s gin, Earl Grey tea syrup, lemon, Quaglia Bergamot liquor

The First Date

Bulleit Rye whiskey, date syrup, black pepper bitter

Jerry Collins

Sailor Jerry spiced rum, grapefruit & raspberries shrub, lime, ginger ale

Wild Punch

Stolichnaya Vanilla vodka or Bulleit bourbon whiskey, Crème de Cassis, blood orange juice, lime, Angostura

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